Amidst the serene beauty of Bali, Indonesia, Performa is setting a new benchmark. Drawing on our robust construction expertise from Sydney, we've introduced a fresh wave of high end development in this tropical paradise. Each project is a harmonious blend of Bali's charm with the advanced construction methods rooted in our Sydney, Australia, experiences.

The promise of elegance, luxury, and world-class quality is evident in every corner, thanks to our dedicated in-house design and architectural teams. Our international footprint extends far beyond Bali. In Sydney, Australia, we've established a significant presence in commercial and residential construction, spanning various sectors and partnering with renowned designers and architects. Further, in Lviv, Ukraine, we've infused the city's rich architectural history with the advanced building techniques and standards cultivated in Sydney. We're also excited to announce our further expansion into the Saudi Arabian market at the beginning of 2025.
A Healthy Home and community space designed to enhance human well-being and foster longevity. A holistic space for meditation, therapy, work, relaxation, and physical activity. (Coming soon)